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America Online users have access to a TMBG discussion forum called Cowtown. It actually consists of two separate but related areas.

The first section is called the TMBFolder. This is found in the Music Message Center. To get there, go to Keyword: mmc. From there, select (in this order) "Alternative", "Bands P-Z", and finally "They Might Be Giants". This is an open discussion board. Post a message to let the cows know you have arrived, or if you prefer, lurk a while to see what the discussion is like.

The second part of the AOL TMBG community is Cowtown the Chat. It is held every Wednesday night in Private Room 'Cowtown' from 9:00 PM Eastern Time on into the night. Closing time ranges from 10:30 to 2:30 depending on the interest and stamina of the attendees.

More information on Cowtown, such as bios of the cows that inhabit it, can be found at The Cowtown FAQ.

If you need more information about AOL in general, you might visit its home page. As if a free AOL disk in the mail every day wasn't enough. :-)

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