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The Mailing List

The They Might Be Giants Mailing List (also called tmbg-list) is your source for up to date discussions about They Might Be Giants. You'll find fans discussing the latest releases, recent concerts, song interpretations and much much more. You can use the list to meet people at upcoming Giant events. You'll get announcements about web sites and transcripts of live chat sessions. You'll even get a personal visit by John and John themselves!

Well, OK, you won't get a personal visit, but you will get a lot of useful information.

There are four ways to read tmbg-list. Each is best suited for a particular situation and particular reading style. These methods are regular format, digest format, news format, and archive format. All of these are outlined briefly here. Click on the section headings for more details.

Regular Format
The regular format can be a headache, but for some fans it's just perfect. What it does is send you each posted message instantly. This means your mailbox will get very full very fast. But if you use a filtering email client like Eudora, this can be handy because you can scan subject lines easily and delete unwanted messages.
Digested Format
This format has the exact same content as the regular version, but it is packaged differently. All the messages posted in an entire day (or thereabouts) is collected and sent out to you as one huge message. Some find it nicer to deal with.
News Format
Perhaps mail isn't your thing. If that's the case you can now read the list in news format off our news server. Appropriately configured web browsers can reach this newsgroup by clicking on the above link. If you want to use a different news client, point it to the server news.tmbg.org and open the group tmbg.list.
Archive Format
Every tmbg-list digest is archived on the website. This way you can lurk without cluttering your mailbox, if you like. Also, you can check up on back issues if you are a regular subscriber but had to leave for a while. The digests are archived here by year. They are available dating from when tmbg-list switched servers in 1995.

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