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The People

The Principals: (web@tmbg.org)

Leo "Leo" Bicknell

Leo owns the computer that www.tmbg.org runs on and does all of the software maintance. He also runs the TMBG Mailing List and is loosely associated with www.tmbg.com. Most of the site programming is done by Leo.

Jonathan "JonBob" Chaffer

Jon does most of the work with the lyrics and interps, and coded most of the Giant Arcade. When he's not working on tmbg.org you'll find him and Quincy, his trusty Mac, fighting crime on the streets of metropolitan Ann Arbor.

Sean "BlueDawg" Bergeron

Sean is a more recent addition to the team who started working on the October 1996 update to the site. He does a lot of the link work as well as other maintenance chores. He is currently employed as Head Executive Assitant to the Undersecretary of Making Up Long Titles for People.

Matthew "Boba" Ondrey

Boba is mostly working on chords for the site right now. He came on to the team in early '97 when we realized that once again we had grown past our capacity. He wrote most of Frank Sinatra's greatest hits, and is currently running for President of the Moon.

The Supporting Characters:

John Relph
John has put together the amazing Discography and FAQ that appear on this site. John started performing this service long before www.tmbg.org came into existance. He also writes the digest software that makes tmbg-digest a reality. We're proud to display his works here.

The Extras:

AugieWan AugieWan was nice enough to come up with our top banner graphic.
Ben Carter carb0001@unf.edu Ben has contributed several MIDI files to our collection.

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